personal care of the elderly



We have several advices to be able to take care and protect our persons of the old age, we have done this for several years. And it is necessary to treat them how they are deserved.

The first one of them is to install bars it sufficiently insured so that they could be supported and this is done in the shower, tubs and in the places that it is necessary to be able to take care of them.

It is important to place anti-skid carpets in sprinkling cans, exits and places where it could drain water so that they do not go so far as to hurt.

The care of the biggest adult is of vital importance is for it for that in casadeladultomayor we offer to them the best care with help of the best medical specialists.

If they cannot vallarse alone help them, they will be grateful to you for it. The furniture that you use must have arms so that the adults of the old age could support themselves and walk along all sides.

principally he adds fondness and love