Tips for the care of the elderly


tips para el cuidado del adulto mayor

The elderly need significant care and special attention, but we must take into account the relationship with elderly people.

Mainly health care of the elderly is very important because the need to have your healthy skin and for this cleaning is done and especially hydration. When stormed an older adult is vital while drying Irlo doing from head to toe, in that order to keep you from feeling cold and quickly so that no fence to get sick while drying must be done without rub and there are no wet spots from reaching into existence infection.

We must take into account the type of adult skin, as if dry skin should use creams to moisturize your skin.

The skin of the elderly is increasingly sensitive, dry and elasticity. Primarily it should be too much attention to adults who are long in bed as their bloodstream in less than that if in motion.

Ensures that the elderly do not use synthetic clothes but he must use pure cotton clothing that does not irritate your skin.

Prevents long time in the sun and even put it shortly, protect it with sunscreen.

Keep you hydrated and drinking two liters of water.

Food in the elderly is very important and it must have a balanced diet.

Dinner the elderly should be early and a very light dinner.

It is recommended that the care of the elderly are the best, be careful mainly falls and avoid any kind of stroke because their skin is very sensitive and can suffer severe damage. Care for the elderly

We hope you can implement these small tips we provide.