We are a group of professionals trained, with experience in the comprehensive care of the older adult, occupied in his rehabilitation osteo-neuromuscular and psycho. Interested in the final stage of life of the adult greater dignity and quality.


That the older adult is dignified, respected, accompanied and loved in this important stage of his life; for that this will enable him to live fully, enjoying the wonders that the knowledge and experience give, to find himself and rediscover their domestic powers.


* that the older adult living in fullness this stage of his life.
* That the dweller is developed in a state of self-sufficiency physical, mental and spiritual.
* Provide the media professionals, material, spiritual and social for the older adult living in a dignified manner, human and quality in an atmosphere of love, peace and tranquility.
* That the family enjoys the tranquillity and security of that expert hands, with human sensitivity, serve your family with love and professionalism in each one of your needs.

our entrusts

 to Provide to the biggest adult the hardware necessary for its rehabilitation and psychic strengthening – ósteo-neuromuscular continued, by means of the permanent welfare medical treatment. To facilitate: the intellectual development of the guest by means of therapies: occupational, of reading, of language and of recreation, in a love ambience peace and calmness, which facilitate the reunion with it itself and the rediscovery of its internal faculties.